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"The American School of Dubai approached Actibit (CodeGreen now) in early 2010 for a Palo Alto Networks implementation.  We knew the Palo Alto was the device that met our needs from our own research, but were expecting the usual UAE scenario of buying the goods through the reseller and then learning the product on our own due to lack of proper support.  Boy were we surprised!  Actibit turned out to be that rare company in the UAE that actually practices what they preach - service and support!  Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable about their product line, but they actually took the time to properly train us and to help us integrate the new Palo Alto appliance into our very diverse, 1200 node network.


On a technical level, the Code Green team is the real deal and are a pleasure to work with.  We have since used them for numerous other tech initiatives as well as on general support cases, spanning all hardware and systems.


Good products, Great guys."

"The distinctive value of an IT Solutions Company is not about providing great solutions only, but  it is also providing a greater deal of support. We have worked with CodeGreen Systems (Previously ActiBit Technologies) on numerous Information Security projects, and we are highly impressed with the way they executed the projects: the Right Expertise, Quality and Timely Delivery.


Their commitment to support corporate customers like us is second to none"

“With actibit (before being codegreen) we worked on a network infrastructure restructuring project, the main objectives were to enhance the reliability and security of the network. While this included different equipment types and configuration levels, also cabling and fiber links, some windows server configurations and due diligence, failover strategy setting, documentation and training; Actibit delivered the complete project as a turnkey provider of all services addressing the different tasks, the team have shown extended collaboration and understanding, working with difficult time schedules to reduce downtime, available for support with excellent response.


The team possesses an excellent pool of talents who are well motivated to add value for the projects they deliver, this is mainly because co-founders are part of the technical team leading to excellent quality control.”



“We have approached CodeGreen (ActiBit) several times relating to the network infrastructure of the Hotel. The purpose was to fine tune architecture in line with the recent changes. The team have shown great maturity and understanding in application of the technologies and approach to the solution. The team also have shown excellent understanding of conceptual network and modern system architecture.  Therefore adding value to the delivery of solution.”



Grant Weaver

Director of IT

American School of Dubai   


Ahmed Al Marri

Assistant Manager - IT

Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority 

[Federal Goverment]

Zyad Mustafa

Head of IT & Operations

Abu Dhabi Investment House pjsc 

[Banking & Finance]

Primal Fernando

IT Manager

Intercontinental Abu Dhabi


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